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Stowaway resolution

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Robmarine Shipping (Overseas) Ltd has commercial access to many embassies and consulates around the world. Our area of expertise is predominantly throughout the African continent, although we can make representations world-wide.

Based on personal interviews, telephone discussions and the completion of written questionnaires, we are able to conduct background and due diligence enquiries into the given nationality of a stowaway and thereafter make representations to appropriate embassies with applications for emergency travel documentation.

Emergency documentation may be valid for one way travel, have a time restriction or be limited to travel on specific routes.

Robmarine's online international network of offices introduces time saving, and therefore a cost saving element to the process of stowaway management. An ever-expanding stowaway database enables immediate identification of repeat offenders and our website offers an international first in current stowaway data and statistics.

Our in-house expertise and pragmatic approach to dealing with stowaway documentation and repatriation, ensures positive and speedy results.

If you need a professional solution to your stowaway problems simply get in touch with us today.