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Custodial & security services

International specialist custodial & security services

Maritime Custody/Security – Our Specialist Officers

Working with our associate company Global Custodial Services (UK) Ltd we are able to provide specialist personnel to provide on board custodial/security and repatriation teams to meet the needs of our shipping clients.

Currently our clients include ferry companies (both ro-ro cargo and passenger ferries) and cargo vessels of all types. We provide repatriation services, the teams are regularly on board undertaking on board custody, security and repatriation services.


All Custody/Security Officers undergo rigorous training which includes:

  • Custody and escorting procedures (aircraft and shipping)
  • First Responder First Aid Training
  • Control & Restraint (handcuff and body belt techniques)
  • Cultural awareness and race relations
  • Conflict management, negotiation and communication skills

To retain their qualifications officers are required to attend regular re-assessment training.


Specialist Maritime Custody Officers acting under appropriate removal notices to escort subject(s) from national detention authorities, vessels or other agreed point of handover and onto an aircraft for international repatriation. Whilst onboard an aircraft the officers will ensure the subject is fully compliant and presents no risk to the safety of the aircraft, crew or passengers.

On Board Security

Stowaways often become agitated, aggressive and violent when their demands are not met by local authorities thus presenting a risk to the safety of themselves the crews and the vessel.

Our specialist Maritime Custody & Security Officers are all fully trained and experienced in controlling these situations, including restraint and first responder first aid trained. The presence of one of our teams will ensure that the stowaways are controlled and secure so that a vessel can function safely and normally with minimum disruption to sailing schedules and a vessels operating routine.

If you need reliable security services simply request a call back and we'll be happy to speak with you.