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current stowaway risk areas

countries and regions representing a risk to vessel security

The table below details risk areas and shows the origins of recent stowaway activity and is based on Robmarine's casework. This table is updated periodically, and although it does not specifically show the most dangerous embarkation ports, the table does clearly show current problem nations. The stowaway risk area map represents data collected over decades and highlights persistent stowaway hotspots, trends in stowaway movement and regions that represent a threat to vessel security.

current risk areas

Origins of recent stowaways:

  1. India
  2. Tanzania
  3. Nigeria
  4. Ghana
  5. Guinea
  6. Algeria
  7. Afghanistan
  8. Morocco
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Vietnam

stowaway risk areas

Longterm problem areas and stowaway movements according to Robmarine data:

Stowaway map: high risk areas to shipping