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Overseas Escorting Officers

Officers will collect a subject from detention or directly from a vessel. Acting under a removal notice, the officers will board the subject on an aircraft for international repatriation. Whilst onboard the aircraft they will ensure that the subject is fully compliant and acts accordingly without any risk to the safety of the aircraft, its crew or other passengers. On arrival at the final destination they will complete an official handover to the local immigration authorities.

Ship Security Officers

Stowaways will often become violent and aggressive when their individual demands are not met by local authorities. They become agitated and frustrated and this often leads to violence towards the crew. We are able to provide experienced ship security officers to secure stowaways and ensure that a vessel can function safely, with minimum disruption to the working routine. Often we find vessels with large numbers of stowaways on board that have simply overwhelmed the crew. Our security officers are fully qualified in the use of restraints and first aid techniques.

Enforcement Teams

High value and commercially sensitive cargo will sometimes prove to be an attraction for a variety of reasons. Dangerous goods also pose considerable risk, especially when terrorist threats are real. We are able to provide maritime security teams to safeguard and protect cargo on sensitive routes or when arriving in exposed locations. Our officers receive training in:

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